The Benefits of Having an Outdoor Grill for Your Health

Grilling outdoors is one of the quintessential experiences of summer. The smell of grilling meatcalls to mind images of backyard get-togethers, relaxing under the sun, and sharing time with friends and family. A grill is a great complement to your outdoor leisure time, but it can also provide health benefits you can’t easily get from other cooking methods. These benefits include:

  • lower fat content
  • increased moisture retention (reduces need for added fat)
  • shorter cooking time (decreased loss of moisture and vitamins)

Your outdoor grill can be an important tool for improving the taste and quality of your home-cooked meals.

Reduce Calories Without Losing Taste

Grilling adds great flavor to almost any food. When you grill meats, much of the fat drips off while the flavor is sealed in. Grilling isn’t just great for meat, though. Cut up some mixed vegetables and brush them with just a little bit of olive oil, add a touch of sea salt and Italian seasoning, and grill to bring out flavor you didn’t know was possible.

More Than Just Meat

We usually think first of grilling hamburgers or hotdogs– but there are many foods that can be cooked on your grill, including many healthy options. Try a homemade pizza: pre-bake your own crust andgrillit on one side for about three minutes, then flip it over, add toppings, and place it back on the grill until the cheese is melted and bubbly. This way, you control what goes on your pizza and can choose healthy options such as vegetables and chicken.

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