Decorating Tips For Your Fireplace

Having a fireplace in your living space can often create a design dilemma. With these basic tips, you can decorate your fireplace like a pro and help make it the focal point of your home.

Your fireplace can be an incredibly important design piece in your home. Knowing how to turn it into an intentionally curated masterpiece can help make it a centerpiece for your living space and have it speak to your personal sense of style and decor.

Using overlapping pieces of artwork of different sizes and heights on your fireplace mantel can add dimension and help your fireplace stand out. Even if the design pieces are different styles, arranging them in an overlapping style can make them look like a cohesive choice. If the overlapping style is not your taste, try to create balance with your mantel accessories. Matching vases or lamps on either side with a large mirror or picture hanging directly in the center above your mantel can be a simple design that still has a classy, designer look.

A collection of accessories and other objects in a similar palette of colors, such as whites or blues, on top of the mantel or next to the fireplace hearth can create consistency and balance in your décor while still showcasing your individuality with beloved and personal items.

When decorating above your fireplace, try to hang artwork that is roughly the same dimension as the fireplace itself. A large painting or mirror in nearly the same dimensions as your hearth can be a cohesive pairing that proportionately fills your area and draws the eye to your fireplace, making it the centerpiece of your room.

If your mantel is high and there isn’t much space between the mantel and the ceiling, keeping the accessories small, minimal, and basic can make the area a better focal point. Overloading the space will only draw attention to the lower ceiling.

It’s okay to use the space above your fireplace for a media center, just make sure that the television matches the dimensions of the hearth and that it is somewhat recessed into the wall to keep the look one-dimensional. Adding built-in cabinets next to the fireplace on either side can also function as a media center and not take away from the above-the-mantel space.

Paint can also make a huge impact in your design. Painting your fireplace or mantel a contrasting color from your walls can really make your hearth the center of attention. Adding minimal accessories and letting the color be the main focus can really help tie the room together.

Having a fireplace in your home gives you the unique opportunity to use that space to your advantage and create a personalized decorating space that is all your own.

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